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TANGO ArgentinaĀ“s trademark


Astilleros Tango SA is a company devoted to the construction of pleasure and luxury boats since 1987. It was the first one to export and be recognized internationally.

Over the past two years Tango has undertaken a process of modernization and expansion of its facilities.


Currently it has matrices for the construction of cruisers in lengths of up to 38'to 95', with design, production control and planning under rules of the American Boat & Yacht Council and the U.S. Coast Guard

The excellence of craftsmanship provides the unique possibility to meet the demands of the most requiring customersĀ“ orders, with specific adaptations to each order.


True to its name, Tango cruisers feature a distinctive, elegant profile which does not lack those little finishing details that speak of an experienced design, a practical engineering and a solid construction.